Stacey Goad Serious Criminal Defense

Stacey Goad
Serious Criminal Defense

You need an attorney from the moment an investigation begins.  Every day that passes is a day you may have accidentally given the State all they need to convict you of a crime.

The State of Georgia can, and will, use any permissible tactic to charge AND convict you of a crime. Did you know police officers can lie to you?  Yes they can.  They trick and deceive suspects everyday.

 Whether the investigation has just begun or you've been facing formal charges for some time, NOW is the time to retain an attorney and take control of your case.

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Posted by Debbie
on Jan 27

Best Attorney Ever

All I can say is...WOW. I have dealt with many Attorneys over the years and Stacey is hands down the best. After10 years dealing with the legal system with my son Stacey got us the best deal as if this was our first time in the system. I would HIGHLY recommend Stacey Goad. She's worth every dime. I really thought all Attorneys were the same but Stacey proved that she really cared about our problems. Thank You Stacey for your hard work