If you have been charged with a violent crime, you cannot trust your life and liberty to just anyone. As a former Special Victims Unit prosecutor, Stacey defends her clients with a level of skill and professionalism others simply cannot match.

Stacey has extensive experience, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, handling cases ranging in severity from Murder to misdemeanor family violence. Goad Law, LLC will handle your case with expertise and care, both in and out of the court room.  Always remember- the State’s accusation means nothing.  In order to convict you, the State has to prove you committed an offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

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What our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

Posted by a client
on Apr 16

Someone to trust when you need it

Stacey kept me in the loop the entire time, was completely honest with me about my situation and options, and always showed how much she cared about my personal outcome not just "closing" the case and moving on. Also, she has been readily available for any further questions/concerns well after the court date completion. As a professional myself I could not give a higher recommendation if you find yourself in need. I hope you never have to meet her under these circumstances. But, if you do find yourself in the situation you won't regret choosing her. You'll need someone to trust and count on. That's her.